PANDA, Platform for Abused Drugs and Neurological Diseases Association, serves as a portal for accessing the computational resources developed, disseminated and maintained by the CDAR Center.  PANDA comprises a significant expansion of the drug abuse chemogenomics knowledgebase (DAKB), and its integration with structural proteome-and genome-scale tools, as well as  cellular pathway information toward establishing the link between molecular, cellular, and systemic aspects of drug abuse (DA) and associated disorders.

PANDA is designed to

  • enable broad data- and tool-sharing
  • provide guidance to users in order to facilitate access to, and usage of, advanced computational tools for DA research
  • promote new interdisciplinary collaborations and synergistically accelerate existing interactions between computational and experimental communities doing DA-related research
  • advance our understanding of deep associations between DA, neurological diseases, and other related disorders including psychiatric disorders, pain and asthma